Cidery goodness...



...If you ask for a Cider in North America chances are you'll be served Apple Juice! (Ask for "Hard Cider" to get the real deal.)


...the UK produces 500 million litres of cider per year...


...Cider varies in alcohol content from less than 3% ABV in French cidre doux to 8.5% ABV or above in traditional English ciders...


...Conventional apple cider has a relatively high concentration of phenolics and antioxidants which may be helpful for preventing heart disease, cancer and other ailments...

Ciders at the Salopian Bar

We're huge fans of good cider down at the Salopian. As well as hosting two annual cider festivals we always keep a great selection including...

Cheddar Valley
6% A.B.V.


Traditional Scrumpy
6% A.B.V.

  wesons traditional Scrumpy
Westons Herefordshire Country Rerry
4.5% A.B.V.
  Westons Herefordshire Country Perry
Renshaws Redeye

Fantastic locally produced cider

8% A.B.V.

  Drink to much Redeye and you might look like this!


Random Picture of Apples... not available at the Salopian Bar.